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Tony Garone
Imparting Timeless Stories, History, and Myth through Song and Spoken Word

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A Researcher, Musician, Author, and Lecturer bringing new perspectives to timeless stories


I have been writing, lecturing, and performing for many years and would like to invite you to have me debut one of my three presentations at your institution. They involve lecture, images, and live music. These three presentations are special to me because they speak to the importance of transformation within the human condition. I can also present all three lectures, (albeit consolidated), in one presentation if required.

The Epic of Gilgamesh: A Cruel King's Transformation - Lead into Gold

Gilgamesh, a King of ancient Sumeria, was oblivious to his cruelty but the death of his only friend, Enkidu, transforms him. This timeless tale - the oldest story known to our history - is retold and its themes explored in this presentation. In addition to the lecture and PowerPoint presentation, I will be performing material from my album, "The Epic of Gilgamesh."

Moby Dick: A Megalomaniac's Resistance to Transformation

Captain Ahab refuses to relinquish his vengeance on the White Whale despite Starbuck's pleading. To do so would transform Ahab to a more benevolent human being. These and other more controversial themes are explored from Herman Melville's masterpiece. We will examine what I believe to be the central theme of Moby Dick in this presentation. In addition to the lecture and PowerPoint presentation, I will be performing material from my album, "Ahab."

John Dee: Seeker of Transformation through Divine Wisdom

Polymath, alchemist, advisor to Queen Elizabeth, nationalist, and occultist seeks spiritual transformation through conversations with angelic beings. We will explore Dee's sincere efforts to contact angels through his controversial scryer, Edward Kelley.

About this website: I've listed information here about the links to this web site. The Discography link is where you can find out about (and hopefully purchase) singles from my solo albums and albums by my band, Heresy. Below that section are videos from my YouTube channel and below that is how you can contact me. The Blog link is, well, self explanatory.

The Research link is the doorway to my extensive studies on Alchemy, Religion, Astrology, Astronomy, Anthropology, Renaissance Scholars, and the Occult (the word, occult, by the way, is a Latin word meaning, "secret." I don't practice, "black magic," or worship the devil.) 

The Shop link is where you can purchase my music and my forthcoming book. 

The Contact link guessed it...if you would like to contact me.

I hope you will find my site interesting and spend some time perusing its rather eclectic collection of oddities as it conveys the true nature of its author, who is also rather suspect. 

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