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Hermetic Journeys is a collection of videos exploring the 17th century alchemical emblem book entitled, "Atalanta Fugiens." This is a book written by Count Michael Maier and illustrated (through etchings on copper plates) by Matthäus Merian the Elder.

Each video explores one of the fifty emblems that comprise the book, with contributions from the Hermetic Journeys Team consisting of TonyG ( the host and primary researcher) Steve Kalec (an alchemist who brings his laboratory experience to the program), Maddi Jabin (a Celtic and Druidic scholar), Nathan Reinert (a unique philosopher and musician), and Tamas (philosopher and scholar).

Hermetic Journeys #38 Emblem 25
Hermetic Journeys #37: Emblem 24
Hermetic Journeys #36: Emblem XXIII of Atalanta Fugiens
Hermetic Journeys #35: Emblem XXII of Atalanta Fugiens
Hermetic Journeys #34: Emblem XXI of Atalanta Fugiens - THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE
Hermetic Journeys Holiday Special
Hermetic Journeys #32: Emblem XX of Atalanta Fugiens
Hermetic Journeys #31: Emblem XIX of Atalanta Fugiens
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